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The Gospel Music Outreach Foundation has been formed to provide long-term life, growth and expansion of Christian Music through various forms of media, tangible packets and live events. The foundation will help to support ministries through broadcast, digital and in-person events where Christian Music can be an encouragement to a broad range of listeners regardless of age, gender, income or social status. The foundation will aid in helping organizations that promote, produce, perform and present quality Christian Music in various forms. The Gospel Music Outreach Foundation will also, at times, provide scholarships to skilled candidates who are looking to have a career in the world of Christian Music and are attending institutions of higher learning providing qualified training in this music. At each sponsored event there is an opportunity for those in attendance to receive Jesus as their personal Savior. One of our missions is to supply each new Christian with a new convert packet. 

The Gospel Music Outreach is reaching people groups with the Gospel for the first time in many cases through different projects internationally.

Read about some of the stories of our outreach through the years then learn about our outreach projects by clicking the button below.

Danielle Mirovich.

Danielle Mirovich attended a gospel concert in March 2018. That night her life was radically changed as she received Jesus Christ as Savior. Danielle was given a free Bible and new convert material that started her new walk with Christ. Today, Danielle works for Sea Walker Media & Singing News. She also volunteers during many of the concerts today and assists with handing out Bibles and new convert material to new believers.

Drew Levan.

This is Drew Levan. Drew’s life was changed forever as he attended a gospel concert in Conway, SC. Although Drew had been in church most of his life, he had never received Jesus Christ as a Savior until that night. Today, Drew continues to live a life dedicated to the Lord because of the one night he was saved at the gospel concert, and received a new Bible and steps for a new convert.

Greg Curley.

Greg Gurley, pictured in the center accepted Jesus Christ as Savior at Singing In The Sun at Myrtle Beach, SC in 2019. Greg stayed afterward and received Christ after praying with CT Townsend and Ray Flynn. Greg’s happy family joined him in this great moment.

Kirk and Rita Cleary.

This is the family of Kirk and Rita Cleary. Kirk and Rita attended a southern gospel concert in Winston Salem North Carolina more than 10 years ago. During that concert the gospel was presented, and both of them responded during the invitation. Their lives were changed forever as they accepted Christ as Savior. Today both Kirk and Rita and their entire family are actively serving the Lord.

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